Growing Cannabis

It takes a grower about 3-5 months from planting to smoking a marijuana plant.

Important factors are getting enough light, the right temperature (ideally a small breeze), good soil and enough water.

To grow Marijuana plants professionally, you need the proper equipment and the best seeds. There are many choices of different strains available. Choosing the right ones is the first step. One of the most important factors in having a successful growing business is the right equipment for ventilation and airflow. Mold can become a huge problem for the plants and equipment very quickly when growing indoors.

The plants can be grown in soil or in a hydroponic way. It is recommended to grow them fully indoors and use lighting lamps. In addition, the temperature should be adjusted according to the lighting phase. However, the plants are not too sensitive in regards to temperature. Most places are required to have a good airpurification system so the strong scent does not bother the surroundings. Again, the ventilation and airflow is crucial for the success of a growing facility.

Many different strains of cannabis

Strain is used to differentiate between Cannabis Sativa and Indica. It refers to the specific breed of each individual plant. Over the years, familial strains have divided into specific subsections. Though strains may linage, the differences are numerous.

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